Retirement Planning

Capital Counts in Clovelly provides retirement planning advice.

This means that some Australians will spend more time in retirement than in the work force. You’ll need money to fund your retirement – and a fair bit of it. The good news is that there are actions you can take while you are working, as you are easing into your retirement and when you are fully retired that may assist you to reach your retirement savings goals and help make your money last you through retirement.

Transitioning into retirement

You no longer have to retire on the day you turn 65. The day you stop working is now in your hands.

By using a Transition To Retirement strategy you can take control of your retirement date, prolong your retirement or use it to turn a redundancy into a time of opportunity.

Managing your retirement

Reaching your retirement is a significant milestone, and it’s important you live the life you want to.

There are still many ways to make the most of this stage of your life and you might have a few questions.

  • Where should I invest my money?Should you leave it in super or start an income stream? Take the annuity or pension? How good are Retirement savings accounts?
  • Make your money last
    Do you have the right asset mix? And have you structured your finances to maximise government benefits? And what’s the best way to manage your debt?
  • Do I pay tax in retirement?
    It depends on how the money went into your super, how you take money out and how old you are. We look at ways to minimise the tax impact.
  • How much can I withdraw from super?
    What are the minimums and maximums you need to be aware of.
  • Preparing for residential careLooking for aged care can be difficult and there’s lots to consider. Being aware means being prepared.
  • Estate planningGood estate planning isn’t just about making a will. It’s a good way to take stock of your finances. Read more

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